Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

I have a gl ar150 with the nano firmware, and am using a mac book.

when i hit the "switch" for PineAP, it shows the pineapple then does nothing. even refreshing does nothing. i am a noob so if you need me to run the script or whatever i can.

(please help im desprerate)

ps if you can give me some pointers on how to setup a usb for a wifi pinapple or a afla awus036h (i have drivers installed already). if there is nothing i will just reflash the gl ar150.


2017/08/30 15:51
Firstly, there is no assurances that the GL AR150 will work with the Pineapple Nano firmware. If you would like to use the firmware without understanding the internals and the basics of *nix and networking, then you probably should purchase the supported device.

Additionally, the script does not support OSX/macOS as the networking stack is significantly different. There are several blog articles and YouTube videos that can assist you in getting that configured.

Those being said, to diagnose your problem we will need more information:
Can you please describe in more detail what 'nothing' is? Does it not load the page, is there a connection refused or a timeout? Does the 'switch' not stay active? Please note that to use PineAP you typically must have two WiFi network devices available, one to provide the 'malicious' and admin AP, and the other to do the client and AP scanning.
2017/09/05 02:01
Running the WiFi Pineapple firmware on the gl-ar150 is not supported and violates the EULA / License. Closed.

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