Nano Wireless Management AP Stops working when RaLink RT5370 connected.

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Open

I have an issue where the Nano Wireless Management Point, that is setup during the initial config, stops accepting connections and drops any current connections when the RaLink RT5370 is connected to the Nano.

If I do not connect the RaLink RT5370 then it will maintain and accept connections for hours and hours without issue.

I don't know if it is a power issue but I have it connected with the Y splitter cable provided, with both connected to a PC, so it should be receiving more than enough power.

I got the RaLink RT5370 with the NANO Tactical Elite kit.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue and/or are the Hak5 team aware of any issues with this?

Cheers in advance :)


2017/03/17 19:47
I have the same issue.
Received Nano and RaLink today, setting up and playing whole day, and same behaviour occurs every time I use RaLink.
2017/07/14 20:09
The same issue =(
And I think it happens when wifi AP do keys rotation.
2017/08/04 22:09
Same issue here.
2017/08/11 03:33
Same here. Kind of makes Tactical upgrade useless. Is there another radio usb that may work? I'm running 1.1.3 - maybe worth trying some older version of software?

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