Replicating no clients found bug - 1.1.3 is bugged

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

Hey guys,

I've recently updated my NANO to 1.1.3 and found that after changing the name of Open AP SSID, recon doesn't find any new network anymore. It just sits there on 100%


I've managed to replicate it many times, here are the steps:

- fresh NANO with the latest 1.1.3 firmware
- go to Recon > Scan and it will show networks (showing that it works OOB)
- Go to Networking and change the Open AP name to something else and apply.
- go to Recon > Scan - no found networks

Plot twist: when you get to this point, factory reset DOES NOT HELP. Only way to get it working is to do recovery with nano_factory.bin ! After that you end up with version 1.1.1 which you can then update to 1.1.3.

So something is definitely not working right, let me know if you need more info.



2017/03/10 08:40
Hey there,

after repeating your exact same steps, I can't seem to reproduce this bug. The Recon Scan still works as before after renaming. I think it's also weird, that a factory reset is not fixing this.

Can you post your network interface settings on the Pineapple before and renaming your Open AP?
2017/05/11 23:25
A lot of time has passed since I have reported this bug. I factory reset my nano today, update to the latest version 1.1.3 and no issues anymore!
2017/05/16 22:55
I just received my pineapple nano and I'am having the same issue. I upgraded the firmware to 1.3 it didn't solved the issue.
I then factory reset and upgrade to 1.3 again without any success.
What can I do ?
2017/07/19 12:31
Hey there,

I'm having the exact same issue, just received my pineapple nano and i'm having the same issue (firmware 1.3).
Pls. help us out with a solution?
2017/12/24 23:06
Hi there,

This issue should be fixed in firmware version 2.0.0

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