No Clients Connecting

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Open

Testing this on my home network, following the YouTube instructions......I am unable to see any clients connecting.


2018/02/02 16:12
I bought both tetra and nano ,,, neither of them work, sent tech support request , no response that was months ago , sent DK email no response , sent another tech request no response. Sent SM email I did hear back from her weeks later... i still have some expensive paperweights sitting on my desk (Tetra/nano)
2018/02/12 14:40
What type of filter are you using? Please confirm if the filter type for client's is set to 'DENY' mode or if the correcet MAC address is added to the filter
2018/03/13 02:24
I am having the same issue after updating to the firmware version 2.02
it was working firm on the older 1.x version
2018/03/13 02:30
I keep getting the error on the client attempting to connect " Can't connect to this network"
this is happening on multiple systems trying to connect
2018/03/13 02:31
there are no filters or mac address restriction turned on , this unit is new out of the box
2018/03/22 21:48
Same here, having major issues with getting clients connected.
Using Nano with 2.0.2.
Only thing that work consistently is "Recon"
2018/04/11 17:07
Temporary Fix for 2.02 bug

Ignore instruction video and specify no MAC or SSID addresses in Filter Page.

1: In Filter page leave both filter boxes, MAC and SSID, empty && change to 'Deny Connections'. This will pickup all connections available everywhere.
2: Then 'kick' connections from Clients connected to narrow down target range, if desired.

Found that this might be an acknowledged issue from bugs page:

Found this as a tip from ki2k(Jan 8th) and the power company(Feb 20th) who suggests that this is a 2.0.2 bug||adjustment (and therefore probably an issue since 2017.12.22).

This was the last ditch attempt before downgrading to 1.1.3 from

The good news. This has worked twice so far. First was at home and picked up wifi from adjacent apartments. Second attempt found 14 clients in 4 mins flat at starbucks.

I haven't done any generic tests yet, wireshark or aircrack, etc, but at least I have some clients in the bag now and can boot unwanted MAC's by cross-referencing from Recon.

See this forum post for a micro-rant about Customer Service:

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