USB WIFI RT5370 Not Recognized / Slow speeds through Management AP

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Open

I'm having two separate issues with my Nano that I just received.

First - I'm trying to connect a wifi device (RT5370) in the usb port and I'm using one that is suppose to be supported by the nano. Wlan2 doesn't show up with the device connected and I have already used the wifi adapter with my computer where it works perfectly fine so there doesn't seem to be an issue with the adapter itself.

Second - When using management AP as a client to browse the web I'm getting terribly low speeds. A speed test shows 1Mbps from the Nano, where my home pc is showing 20Mbps connected over wifi.


2017/03/20 03:56
I am having the same issue as you are with the RT5370. I ordered the elite kit that came with the raLink RT5370 and when I plug it in the usb not only it doesn't recognize the adapter, it gets really, really hot!. I have also tested the wifi adapter on a windows machine after getting the drivers installed, it works just fine.

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