Nano stops working after 5-10 minutes

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

Nano running with latest firmeware (and ALL modules updated) , connect with USB-Y to current Kali-Linux 2.0 Notebook
Sharing Ethernet Internet and connecting to Nano via Webinterface

Now based on the settings first clients are connected

Let the Nano run for a few minutes (10 or more) with this settings, now refresh the dashboard and ALL fields are empty, like no client connected, no ssid in pool (which is not true, can see more then 100 per click)
Uptime not shown...
Simply no information....on the dashboard.
Logo Off / Log on: NO reaction from the Nano
Can not load Bulletins (was possible on first start of the unit)
Reboot-- NO reaction

Need to remove the USB, let the system cool down
connect and share internet again

then it works again ok for a few minutes.

This is linked to my other ticket (recon problem) and I really need a solution here.

Let me know if you anything from me to help you id the problem.


2016/10/08 17:10
unfortunatelly I have the same problem here. exactly same description.
2016/10/08 17:13
not sure why this [ ] was closed, 'cause it seems to be related.
It relates to version 1.1.2 by the way.
2016/11/02 22:09
in version 1.1.3 everything works propelry.
I assume that
"Fixed an issues where Recon mode would crash when there are low amounts of WiFi traffic"
fixed the issue.
2017/01/13 20:26
I am experiencing the exact same problems as described but connected to a Macbook Pro 13" Late 2016

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