PineAP settings not saving; daemon switching off

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Open

Whenever I turn the daemon on and check on the basic settings, they will only stay that way for a short time before the daemon turns itself off. Clicking the saving settings button doesn't bring up the usual green text acknowledging my save either. Clients can't connect due to this issue.


2016/11/27 00:26
Hi, same problem here! Please help and advise.
2016/12/29 16:47
Same problem here
2017/03/14 20:55
I am having the same exact issue. I have submitted several support tickets. Please help!!!
2017/03/17 15:51
Any update on this? I have a $100 piece of junk sitting on my desk!!!
2017/04/26 22:25
Damenjacobs, do you have updates on this?
Which firmware are you on? Have you tried a factory reset?
2017/05/03 21:23
I am experiencing this same issue on a mark V firmware version 2.4.0
2017/07/09 18:06
I am still having the PineAP issue. Settings do not always save. If I reboot the nano, log in and enable PineAp it will work for a couple minutes!!
2017/07/09 18:07
I have done multiple firmware recoveries, flashed to 1.3 etc with no luck.

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