WLAN2 dropping connection once PineAP is enabled

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Open

Bug description

WLAN2 is connected to external router and providing internet connectivity. Enabling PineAP will cause WLAN2 to reset and loose internet connection


WLAN2 is an ALFA AWUS036NEH (https://hakshop.myshopify.com/collections/wireless-gear/products/alfa-usb-wifi-awus036neh) with teh standard 5dBi antenna

Nano is using both USB ports for power. Nano firmware 1.1.1. No SD card present.

Turn off PineAP
Connect WLAN2 to router.
Verify it has internet connection (load News/new modules list)
Open PineAP tab
Enable PineAP
Wait 30 seconds (ish)
Check Networking tab, WLAN2 not connected anymore

Expected results

WLAN2 connected to router while PineAP is running


I am wondering is this a power draw issue or should i be using a smaller USB WiFI dongle on the Nano


2016/08/22 22:30
Thank you for the detailed report.

Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce this issue - my wlan2 stays connected no matter what I do with wlan1.
Can you try a different radio? Does wlan2 re-connect after a short while? If not, can you execute "iwinfo" over SSH and post the results along with "dmesg" and "logread" outputs? (Pastebin would be preferred).
2016/08/23 07:55
I will check with a Netgear N300 nano receiver in case the draw is too much from the Alfa.

I will followup with the additional information later and see if I can see what is happening.
2016/08/23 19:49

Used a different Alfa card (Alfa AWUS036NH) via a USB cable and it seems a lot more stable. On testing the 36NEH on the Tetra on it was flaky and would keep dropping. I am guessing that card is EOL at this stage so the bug can be closed ..
2016/08/23 19:58
Actually scratch that.. just attempted Recon and the Wlan2 connection dropped

System Log -.. http://pastebin.com/QnXG7jmH
Dmesg - http://pastebin.com/h5TZ775e

2017/02/05 08:00
after running openvpn nano loses connection to internet check status returns too many links after running wp6.sh script. But nano has internet i do have internet on nano because im able to check news and bulletin. please help i hate openvpn i did have connect to both before but something is wrong and im breaking my head
2017/08/30 03:28
Hello Guys,

I'm having the exactly same problem. Do you guys have a solution ?
2017/08/30 19:30
Hello Guys,

I was debugging this problem with a ssh connection and I saw that when I connect to my network with the wlan1 I'm able to go to internet but when I enable pineap he change the wlan1 to wlan1mon and my connection fall down.

When I connect the wlan1mon to my network he change the interface name as you can see here:

private function connectToAP()
$interface = $this->request->interface;

if (substr($interface, -3) === "mon") {
$interface = str_replace("mon", "", $interface);

And when wlan1mon is scanning my network to connect to my AP the instruction is to kill pineap process, as you can see here:

private function scanForNetworks()
$interface = escapeshellarg($this->request->interface);
if (substr($interface, -4, -1) === "mon") {
if ($interface == "'wlan1mon'") {
exec("killall pineap");
exec("killall pinejector");
exec("airmon-ng stop {$interface}");
$interface = substr($interface, 0, -4) . "'";
exec("iw dev {$interface} scan &> /dev/null");

So my guess is we have 2 interfaces, wlan0 and wlan1.

wlan0 is to create the pineapple management SSID and to propagate others SSID that we will use to capture traffics.
wlan1mon is to monitor beacon's to storage the ssids in the SSID pool

In this point we already know that we CAN'T have wlan1 and wlan1mon running in the same time so i have to buy an dlink network usb to create the wlan2 that will be used to connect with my network (internet) and.... start to work.

i don't know if I make my self clear but I hope that this can help you guys with this problem

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