Upgrades for the Recon View

Device: NANO
Type: Suggestion
Status: Closed

Hey there,

I'd suggest to upgrade the default Recon View to
- support 'AP Only' and 'AP & Client' again, this was the case in Firmware 1.0.6, somehow it vanished.
- maybe additionally include 'Cipher', 'Auth', 'Frequency', 'Signal' and 'Quality' as columns?
- enable sorting by every column.

Long story short, all that is done in the Scan Results view from the Site Survey Module v1.2, for example.

What do you think?


2016/08/21 08:42
1. There is no good reason to bring back the AP only scan option. Scan time is a couple of seconds shorter, but that's it. It caused more confusion than necessary.

2. Cipher types and signal strength will make a return soon, there were a couple of bugs that had to be ironed out first. Frequency and quality are redundant items (frequency = look up channel, quality = signal formula).

3. Adding sorting is something we want to add in the near future.
2016/08/21 10:42
Thanks for your quick reply!

1. Ok, I see. Thanks for the clarification.

2. Ah, nice. Ok, I'd also prefer channel over frequency then. Regarding the the quality column or the signal formula, currently there is no signal strength indicator on Recon View at all?

3. That's great!

Best regards,
2016/08/21 13:26
2: not on the nano. The driver is incorrectly reporting the signal strength in the radiotap header, so until this is fixed, no signal strength.
2016/08/21 20:23
2: Awh, what a shame. So I shouldn't trust values reported by modules either, thanks for the clarification!

I'll stay tuned!

Best regards,

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