issue with web interface

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

Just got the wifi Pineapple nano great product .
What I'm finding is after about 14 minutes the web interface to the Nano locks up. everything seems to stop working the recon screen sticks the movement between pages and refreshing the screens .I also closed the browser and opened it again this had no effect.
I have the Nano linked to my laptop via the usb y connector , the browser is Firefox latest version . the OS's I tried this on was Kali 2 and windows 10 home 64bit(on the windows 10 it was connected to a usb 3 socket) . I got the tactical option so haven't tried using the battery and logging onto it via the AP the nano creates. noticed the nano seems to get hot near the antenna's
Any thoughts on whats causing this ??
If this can't be resolved can I return the nano ?? As I've only received it yesterday 16/08/2016


2016/08/18 08:20
I've Just updated to the latest build so at 1.1.1 and seems to be working fine now will test tonight where there is a lot more wireless traffic and see then before I close this bug but it's looking good up till now

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