Conflict with PineAP / Recon

Device: NANO
Type: Suggestion
Status: Open

When recon is active and pineap is broadcasting ssids. The pineapple jams without wlan0 filtered to deny. This ties up the ssid filter in deny mode.

Also noted to wlan2 can broadcast ssids and would therefore be capable of jamming the pineapple as well. There is no need for the pineapple to detect itself in recon. Chances are the operator understands that the pineapple exists and likely has physical access. If they don't they probably shouldn't have access to that information anyway. In any matter the relevant information about the pineapples network presence is known and easily accessible to the operator with access through gui.

Another nice part of this feature would be when mac address change is committed in gui, it also updates to ignore on scans without tying up the ssid filter.

This would be a great feature that if left as is, is a flaw.


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