Unable to connect

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

I had the hardest time to set up my pineapple nano today because I could not get the browser to connect to the IP After a lengthy chat with a couple of support guys (thank you), I was able to get there and finish the set up. However when I tried to set up the modules and the module manager, I again lost the internet connection (all together 3 times during the pineapple set up)and I wasn't able to finish the task. Now I tried to go back and again, it is not pulling up the webpage.
Now, I've been under some serious hack attacks recently ( flashtalking Inc. and x+1Inc. are after me ), so I'm having the hardest time to defend myself.
Is it possible that my browser is compromised and not performing properly because of possible bugs placed on my computer or perhaps set to block certain IP addresses?
What can I do at this point to have things work properly.
Thank you.


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