Recon Stucks at 100%

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

Under certain circustances the Recon module stucks at 100% and more perticularily it appears that has something to do with the client association when PineAP module and Recon module are enabled. I came to that conclusion performing steps below.

1) When Recon runs without PineAP enabled it runs flawlessly (Captures SSIDs and clients, associated or not).
2) When PineAP runs without Recon running with all options activated runs flawlessly (Captures probes and broadcasts one or more SSIDs from the pool. Clients associate and de-associate correctly)
3) When I try to associate with a SSID that it is broadcasted by PineAP WITHOUT Recon enabled, I can associate successfully (obtain IP, have Internet access etc.)
4) When Recon AND PineAP are running and try to associate with a broadcasted SSID then the crash occurs. The association is not successful the Recon hangs at 100% and the rest of the GUI becomes unresponsive. Additionally, ifconfig and /etc/init.d/network-manager restart become unresponsive. The crash does not occur every time. However after a few associations de-associations the crash will occur 100%.


2016/04/07 00:46
I also experience 1) through 4) and my logs reflect this.

5) Macs will disappear an AP/Client after continued scans with PineAP enabled. Doesn't seem to be an issue without PineAP disabled.
6) It appears that scans on WLAN2 with PineAP enabled also cause a similar conflict that locks the device. This can be exacerbated running PineAP, recon AP&client and WLAN2. No issue with PineAP disabled.

2016/08/16 00:16
This issue should be fixed in firmware 1.2.0. Due to the nature of PineAP and Recon mode (both channel hopping, etc), running a continuous recon scan and PineAP may cause issues.
2017/10/25 03:29
To piggyback on this, I am experiencing the same issue. Just purchases WFP Nano and encountering the issues reported by the above two users. I am running FW 1.1.3
2017/12/24 20:08
This should be fixed in firmware version 2.0.0.

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