Cable shipping for Android does not tether

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

I had a problem where the cable that shipped with the Nano to connect it to my Android wouldn't trigger the 'tether' option on my phone. I would remain greyed out, however I would get notification that my phone was now charging (thanks to the WifiPinapple + Juice). I read somewhere that someone else had a similar problem and tried a different cable, and it worked. I tried the same, utilising another cable I had around the house, and voila! It tethered successfully. Perhaps you guys could try shipping a different cable with the nano. For your reference, the phone I was using was Samsung S6 Edge. Other than that, an awesome product!


2016/02/21 20:53
Hi tastyworm,

The cable provided is actually for charging the WiFi Pineapple Juice battery you got with your tactical bundle, and is a charge only cable.
Because this has caused a lot of confusion, we are in the process of swapping out the cable for future batteries.

Best Regards,

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