AP does not provide Internet access to clients

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

Just got my nano in the mail the other day and the only persistent problem I can find is that while tethered to the pineapple (with my tablet for example) clients do not receive an Internet connection when connected via wifi (my phone laptop and xbox) but as soon as I disconnect my tablet the Internet connection is relayed as expected but if I reinitiate the tether with my tablet the Internet connection cuts out again, now I have wlan1 connected to my home wifi and my tablet is wifi only is the nano set to automatically try to pull an internet connection from the tethered devices mobile data connection? I have not tried this with my phone tethered because I have a galaxy S4 and the connector app does not seem to work with the S4 currently



2016/02/20 10:51
Did you run the wp6 script to configure it?
2016/02/20 20:05
No sorry for the dumb question I missed that in the forum, I'm a perfessional truck driver and solid APs are few and far between at times so I haven't had a chance to do much reading on the forum especially because I use my pineapple to relay APs that are out of standard device range and the last few days I've had to stop and sleep at rest stops rather than truck stops with free wifi thanks for correcting my oversight
2016/02/21 10:16
I only know because I got caught up on the same problem.. took me a number of hours to work it out :)

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