Factory reset nano

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

I am on latest version.

I need to factory reset but don't know how

when i look at reflash firmware it says use md5 command but idk what that is or how to do it in ssh


2016/02/13 16:30
In pretty sure those instructions only relate to the mark 5 wifi pineapple and are for re-flashing the firmware, not factory resetting.
You can easily factory reset your pineapple nano by holding the reset button on the bottom for 6 seconds. If all else fails, just execute "jffs2reset -y && reboot" over SSH, no md5 command needed.
Link to actual post on how to factory reset nano^^^
2016/02/20 10:55
There is an option for FACTORY RESET PINEAPPLE under CONFIGURATION and then click on the down arrow next to 'General'

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