rtl8192cu support

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

The nano recognizes rtl8192c wireless cards inserted after the nano is booted:

# lsusb
Bus 001 Device 005: ID 7392:7811 Edimax Technology Co., Ltd EW-7811Un 802.11n Wireless Adapter [Realtek RTL8188CUS]

# dmesg
[ 69.660000] usb 1-1.3: new high-speed USB device number 5 using ehci-platform
[ 69.790000] rtl8192cu: Chip version 0x10
[ 69.940000] rtl8192cu: MAC address: 74:da:38:68:60:03
[ 69.950000] rtl8192cu: Board Type 0
[ 69.960000] rtl_usb: rx_max_size 15360, rx_urb_num 8, in_ep 1
[ 69.960000] rtl8192cu: Loading firmware rtlwifi/rtl8192cufw_TMSC.bin
[ 69.970000] ieee80211 phy2: Selected rate control algorithm 'rtl_rc'
[ 72.270000] rtl8192cu: MAC auto ON okay!
[ 72.310000] rtl8192cu: Tx queue select: 0x05

It also appears the driver is loaded:

lsmod | grep rtl
rtl8192cu 62389 0 - Live 0x82850000
rtl_usb 7985 1 rtl8192cu, Live 0x82ffe000
rtl8192c_common 33673 1 rtl8192cu, Live 0x82840000
rtlwifi 47897 3 rtl8192cu,rtl_usb,rtl8192c_common, Live 0x82810000
rtl8187 47108 0 - Live 0x82800000
mac80211 381875 9 rtl8192cu,rtl_usb,rtlwifi,rtl8187,rt2800lib,rt2x00usb,rt2x00lib,ath9k_htc,ath9k, Live 0x82e00000
cfg80211 214289 8 rtlwifi,rtl8187,rt2x00lib,ath9k_htc,ath9k,ath9k_common,ath,mac80211, Live 0x82d40000
compat 1332 9 rtl8192cu,rtlwifi,rtl8187,rt2800usb,ath9k_htc,ath9k,ath9k_common,mac80211,cfg80211, Live 0x82c5f000
eeprom_93cx6 1807 1 rtl8187, Live 0x83b27000
usbcore 117316 34 option,usb_wwan,sierra_net,rndis_host,qmi_wwan,pl2303,cdc_ether,asix,usbserial,usbnet,ums_usbat,ums_sddr55,ums_sddr09,ums_karma,ums_jumpshot,ums_isd200,ums_freecom,ums_datafab,ums_cypress,ums_alauda,cdc_wdm,cdc_acm,rtl8192cu,rtl_usb,rtl8187,rt2800usb,rt2x00usb,ath9k_htc,usb_storage,uhci_hcd,ohci_platform,ohci_hcd,ehci_platform,ehci_hcd, Live 0x83b40000

However, ifconfig hangs when trying to list interfaces. I'm also not able to see the device in the GUI.

I'm not able to boot the nano with the usb wireless device. The blue light remains solid, but the the nano's AP doesn't appear, and wlan1 doesn't associated to the configured AP. If I remove the usb wireless device and reboot, the nano's networking functions properly.



2016/01/28 21:53
Hi pwnagepolice,

We have had many issues with the CUS driver in the past, which is why we don't consider it a supported driver. We built it into the firmware because some devices will work fine, while other completely break the system.

It's not something we are going to focus on fixing any time soon, as there are good alternative chipsets that have great driver support.

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