AP & Client Scan never completes

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

My nano does not complete a scan when I choose AP & Client. Time variations do not make a difference. When I kick off this scan I get a progress bar that goes to 100% and just sits there. I am not shown results. I have left it on this screen for up to 30 minutes with no change. When I do just an AP scan I get lots of results in seconds.

I have screen captures and logs to submit.

Tested on:
Kali Linux 2 with Iceweasel,
Windows 7 with Opera 34, Firefox 43.0.4 and Firefox Developer 45.0a2, and Chrome 47.0.2526.111 m

I get the same results no matter the OS or Browser.


2016/01/23 00:40

Could you please SSH into your WiFi Pineapple NANO and give us a pastebin link with the following information?

1. dmesg
2. ifconfig -a
3. iwconfig
4. cat /etc/config/wireless

This will help us debug the issue. Once you have saved those commands, please reset your Wireless Configuration using the Advanced dropdown in the Network module. After you have done this, does the issue persist?

Best Regards,
2016/01/23 18:19

I have reset the wireless configuration. If it was the wireless configuration however I would not get results for an AP only scan. Which I get every time.

I see that a new version has been released. I am going to upgrade to 1.0.5 and see if that helps.
2016/01/23 18:34
Still have the same issue with 1.0.5. The AP only scan works. The AP & Client scan never completes.
2016/01/23 23:50

Your device has a defective wlan1 :(

Please contact support@hak5.org and request a replacement. Please include your order number and a link to this bug report. We will make sure you get a replacement WiFi Pineapple ASAP.

Best Regards,

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