Persistent recon scans

Device: NANO
Type: Suggestion
Status: Closed

Every time one does a recon scan and switches tabs, then switches back to the recon tab - it is cleared. There should be a (default?) persistent options, where the scan do not clear. Preferably, there should be a timestamp indication of when the scan occurred.

This removes the annoyance of keeping multiple tabs. One also has to re-do the scan to deauth any clients... why do I need to do the scan again to deauth clients... why can't I do that from anywhere... but that's a whole other suggestion.



2016/01/23 23:51
Hi Confuded,

This is already on my list of things to do, and I think we have a pretty good solution for it. Keep an eye out for an update :)

Best Regards,
2016/01/25 23:14
Thanks =). I just realised I am so used go having a terminal with airodump open, which is live...

2016/05/11 02:18
+1 on this request. This seems to be an area for many modules as well, when users navigate to other areas and come back the data is not persistent and some report incorrect states of running processes.
2016/08/18 01:04
This has been added to 1.2.0. Thanks!

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