Recon does not find any AP

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Open

The NANO does not find any AP when doing recon AP only scan (yes, there is a lot of APs on the air)
When I preform AP & client scan it does come up with a couple of "Out Of Range Clients" and "Unassociated Clients". But not as many as it should.

I'm running 1.0.3 FW.

Done factory reset and rebooted the device several times.
Still the same issue.

....and yes, the antennas ARE connected.

This issue came a few day ago.

Please advice.


2016/01/26 14:03
Still same issue with FW 1.0.5

Additional info:
A few times my home WiFi shows up but NANO reports its signal stregnth to be 30-40%. Even when the NANO is sitting next to the AP.

I've tried different antennas on the NANO, same result.

When plugging in USB WiFi for client, it reports all the avaliable APs.
2016/01/26 16:24
Same result with FW 10.0.5. Recon stop working after updating to 1.0.2. I can still select AP when I click on "Scan" in Networking/Wifi Client Mode using wlan1
2016/01/30 18:22
I am having same issue on 1.0.5 AP will scan but no AP and CLIENT scan as it hangs at 100% with no results.
2016/03/05 17:00
Same issue I am experiencing as well. Additionally the problems I posted about here a few days ago:

I am faithful there will be a resolution offered soon. Still I wonder if any of you have made any progress?
2016/03/12 13:34
unfortunately I have the same / similar issue.
I see following symptoms:
- Recon-Scan takes up to 5 Seconds to to start scanning.
--Result is that only my AP is shown, sometimes other APs, but as out-of-range. Most of the time no clients are found. (Signal strength for my AP is 84% - so more or less realistic)
- In "Network" Configuration: Scanning to connect as client (using wlan1mon) all APs are visible (partly even more than my Macbook). So i assume there is no Problem with the hardware as it shows the APs.
- the hardware adr. of wlan1mon is shown very strange in the "Network"-Tab:
wlan1mon Link encap:UNSPEC HWaddr 00-**-**-**-**-**-00-**-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00
The other interface hardware addr are shown correctly: **:**:**:**:**
- PineAP is also showing hardly results. I only get very few probes and hardly any associations.- might be the same reason.

Btw: I have this issues on 1.0.5 AND 1.0.6 (with AND without an SD). Power should be no problem as I use the y-cable and have it plugged into the laptop and a power bank. The Pineapple newer took more than <550mA (checked with an Charger Doctor) but also made a fresh factory reset without the doctor)

Seb, Please HELP!
2016/03/12 23:19
recon works fine for me,
it detects AP and clients, with 1.0.5 and now 1.0.6

( I have management AP SSID disabled...)

2016/03/13 22:38
thanks bit,

isn't working for me.

wlan0 still receives less information than an other device (looks like it is numb)..
2016/03/13 22:47
even wlan1 can "hear" more than wlan0.

2016/08/15 23:53
This issue should be fixed with the new firmwares.
2016/09/13 20:28
This does not appear to be fixed as of firmware 1.1.0. Bugreport will be submitted
2016/09/13 20:30
Disregard that - issue observed for TETRA
2016/11/05 22:42
Firmware 1.1.3 the same issue!!
2017/01/12 22:30
Try this perhaps we found a bug
2017/05/29 17:32
have the same issue, after an undefined time the nano is up and running the recon stops displaying the results. Not sure if it fails to work, as I a new data (SSID) to appear on the dashboard.

Reboot / clear cache done no result. Only factory reset helps so far...

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