Recon mode crashes with PineAP running

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

After upgrading to 1.0.3, if PineAP is running with all boxes / options checked, running a scan with Recon mode will hang at 100% and crash the Pineapple, requiring it to be rebooted or unplugged.

I've done it 3 times in a row, same results. Set everything in PineAP on by default, power up or reboot. Run an AP and Client scan, and it stops at 100. Game over!


2016/01/14 01:22
Just worth noting, attempted in a different order - picking client scan - it did succeed. Then choosing client and ap, and it also completed, for the first time since upgrading.
2016/01/26 22:07
I'm on 1.0.5 and have the same issue, interestingly it appears to crash, not in the first time it's run but the second time. That said it's definitely dead, the light is in but you can't even ping the Nano or get and SSH response, good and dead.
2016/01/30 18:12
mine does the same on 1.0.5 and no matter what i do it will not save the PINEAP options for me.

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