can't load library ''

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Open

This issue appears when attempting to run reaver or bully after downloading from

Here's the commands I ran:
opkg update
opkg install reaver --dest sd
reaver (returns reaver: can't load library '')
opkg remove reaver
opkg install bully --dest sd
bully (returns bully: can't load library '')
opkg install reaver
reaver (returns -ash: reaver: not found)
which reaver (returns /usr/bin/reaver)
/usr/bin/reaver (returns /usr/bin/reaver: can't load library '')


2016/01/12 19:21
Had the same error when I try and run reaver on 1.02 and 1.03
2016/01/12 23:07
you have to make a link

root@Pineapple:~# cd /usr/lib/
root@Pineapple:/usr/lib# ln -s

after you can execute reaver.
2016/01/17 21:27
Hey everyone,

Thanks for submitting this bug, the issue has been resolved. A simple opkg update && opkg install <name> will now install the correct package. You may need to remove the previously installed package.

Best Regards,
2018/02/13 23:50
This bug looks to be open again for bully...

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