PineAP not working after upgrade 1.0.2

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

After upgrade following problem: check boxes "Allow Asso.." and " Log Probes" and "Log Asso..".
When I check box "PineAP Deamon" and want to save it, the box automatically is unchecked. Can't keep ik checked. I'm unable to use use last three boxes...


2016/01/12 14:07
I believe that PineAP is working, but the check boxes are getting a default after the page loads. When I load the PineAP page, I see my settings for a moment.

Also, you have to enable PineAP before the last three boxes work (switch PineAP daemon)
2016/01/12 19:15
Try using CTR + F5 to refresh the page.
PineAP daemon should show as a toggle switch and not as a checkbox in v. 1.0.2+
2016/01/12 19:18
Hi Probie, refreshing did the trick... thanks

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