Access to management AP

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Open

Cannot connect to the management AP while "Allow Associations" in PineAP is active.

However I can connect to all of the open SSIDs from PineAP and get access to the device.


2016/01/05 08:16
Are you using linux or android?
2016/01/06 01:18
Linux, Android, Windows. All the same.
2016/01/07 11:53
Hi Ivar,

I am unable to reproduce this bug. Can you specify exactly what you are doing for this to happen?
2016/01/07 16:04
Booting up the Nano.
Access to management AP is working, no problems so far.
Enables the PineAP to "Allow Associations".

Then, when I disconnect from management AP and try to connect to it again, nothing happens. Cannot connect.
No problem connecting to the other "fake" SSIDs from PineAP.
2016/04/05 18:47
This is also happening to me, Management AP will kick me off after approximately 10 mins of the NANO being turned on with nothing but PineAP running and all options checked. 1.0.6 firmware. Android device and Win10 computer both result in the same scenario.

Reconnecting will make a quick attempt and then result in 'saved' status in WiFi management on my Android and I can never reconnect to it, though it still shows as being active and with nearly full power, including a stream of Open SSID's that it's broadcasting.

The only solution at this point is to pull the power on the NANO and crash it, destroying logs or whatever may have been saving at the time.
2016/05/28 22:41
Exactly the same issue for me.
2016/08/08 01:24
I am having the same issue. While connected to battery, I can connect to the management interface right after the device boots. When I activate PineAP, even only to log probes, after some time (I've had it happen as short as 10 minutes, as long as 60) my device (iOS, Windows Phone, Windows laptop) will fall off the network. I will not be able to log back into the Nano with the correct key. I have to connect via USB and reset the management AP key. 1.0.6 firmware, I've only had the device for 24 hours, has a total uptime of less than 3 hours.
2016/08/11 04:58
2016/08/16 02:02
+1 here too with a Tetra. No modules. Connected to wall power.
All options checked for PineAP. Management AP works for a while, continues broadcasting, but won't allow association.
2016/08/27 00:12
I've conducted a good deal of testing since the last post. I went and replaced the U connector with a cable and took the unit for a walk around the mall. The management AP crashed twice in 1 hour. So at this point, given the testing I've done, I suspect the cause is one of two things:

1. Movement- the unit had failed when I've been walking around but has worked when sitting on a table.

2. Heat- the unit gets very hot. It has failed while in the tactical bag, but not while sitting out on a table.

My next test will be to run the unit with the nano in my belt in the tactical bag and the battery in my pocket.
2016/09/17 11:21
Same issue for me with firmware 1.1.1, after a factory reset it works for some time but suddenly stops working telling me that the password for the management AP is incorrect
2016/10/14 18:00
In respond to my above comment, I've done additional testing. With the battery in my pocket but the Nano in the tactical bag, the management AP disconnected. I then simply laid the Nano out on a table hooked to the battery, and the management AP disconnected in about 5 minutes. The change from my previous tests was that this was done in a busy area and I was logging probes with PineAP. At this point, I believe the issue is coming from either logging large numbers of probes, or heat. Its now been 2 months and I have not been able to get the Pineapple to log probes in a busy area.
2016/11/04 16:06
This is happening to me as well. My Nano's management interface becomes unusable after a few minutes of running. I enabled only "Log Associations".

I am in a very, very busy area in terms of Wifi; we have tons of APs all around, each one offering at least two or three different networks. It's an enterprise setup. CPU usage is surprisingly high, swinging from 25-75%, but I think that's actually normal.

Pulling the power hasn't helped. I've checked via tethered phone that all PineAP settings are disabled, and the service isn't running - so it shouldn't be interfering in any way at the moment.

I also can't seem to get into the Open AP.
2017/03/06 08:52
Same issue here
It seems that when I reboot I can access the open AP. connect to nanos wifi, management.
I check network all looking good. I go to dash download bulletins. I check I am able to go to web pages yes no problem.
I go to recon click scan and bang the wifi access point is disconnected.
Now the management ap and open ap are inaccessible but both are still there on the network
I have tried this on various devices iPads Linux, using the nano stand alone or connected to Mac, unbunto Linux using ssh.
The nano behaviour is identical on all.

2017/03/07 01:54
Just curious since I had this issue and fixed it. Did you rename the SSID's (either of them) to anything long? I did and once I shortened the length of the SSID's I was able to log into the management AP. I was able to reproduce this to a nano and a tetra. I was able to log in once but got locked out after a while. Now I don't have the issue.

Just something to try.
2017/03/20 03:49
I GET THE SAME PROBLEM! I just purchased the pineapple (3-10-17), and setting it up exactly as the instructions said. I have renamed my open AP to FreeWifi, and my management AP to WifiPA_MGT. When using the Y-cable everything is ok. However when I disconnect the Y-cable and run the Pineapple off the battery I cannot connect to the WifiPA_MGT AP I created. I see it in AP when scanning, but when I try to connect using the password... I get access denied.
2017/03/31 17:54
Having the exact same problem as Donbadjoz.
2017/05/03 01:35
I have the same issue as well, along with other issues.
2017/05/04 17:18
Any news on this yet Seb ? I'm trying to go all James Bond and not have a white cord going in my pocket :)

TLDR: Problems connecting to the WIFI and /or loading the management page unless I click "Update Access Point"
Love what you guys do keep up the good work !

Phones used-
Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530T1 Android ver 5.1.1
ZTE Z981 Android ver 6.0.1
2017/05/30 23:02
I have a Nano with the latest firmware and I am having the same exact issues with the Management AP.
I have tried every combination of settings, with modules, without modules, and even when reset to defaults and re-initialization of the device back to 'first use', I still cannot use the Management AP. It does not recognize the valid key as being valid.

Darren Kitchen, can you please get on this, or direct us towards a git repo with beta firmware, cause this is no longer a slightly annoying bug. Its a MAJOR BUG that makes the Nano mostly useless unless its plugged into a computer.

BIG FAN that's really unhappy.
2017/08/19 15:14
same proble here, with Tetra
2017/09/06 16:08
+1. Any response AT ALL on this guys?
2017/09/23 15:24

I have tried reproducing the issue described by everyone in this thread but cannot seem to get the same behavior. If someone could attach a debug.log generated from the "Help" module on the WiFi Pineapple (making sure to strip any potential passwords from the file!), it would be a great help in diagnosing this issue.

2017/10/16 02:07
Same issue, Linux, Windows, Android, macOS and iPhone
can’t connect to management AP after a while
Wrong password
2017/12/15 04:08
Same Issue for me! Wrong password on Management AP
2017/12/20 17:45
Same issue. Here is a debug log file:
2017/12/21 14:44
Same issue. Here is a debug log file:
2017/12/24 19:35
Hey everyone,

This issue should be solved with firmware version 2.0.0.
2017/12/28 08:19
Same issue. Here is a debug log file:
2018/02/23 22:19
Hey all,

Just got my NANO and have been having this same issue. It is running 2.0.2, brand new, and cannot connect to my Management AP. Any suggestions? I have factory reset it a few times already due to updating SD cards and installing a wlan2 usb card.

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