UTF-8 encoding in SSID names

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Accepted

More an internalisation bug.

One of the test SSIDs I have has the Norwegian Ø character in it, and it is being picked up as .. in the SSID list. Testing with characters outside the usual English 26 char alphabet seems to be the same.


2016/01/04 15:00
Hi thegingerone,

Can you tell me where you are seeing this bug happening? Does it happen in all places?
2016/01/04 21:10
It appears in the SSID list thatis captured and in the broadcasted SSID
2016/01/05 01:07
Thanks, I was able to identify the issue. Hostapd is stripping utf-8 characters.

I'll get it fixed asap.


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