PineAP settings dont persist

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

Not sure if this should be a bug or a suggestion.

In the Mark V UI you could persist the Karma settings at least (AutoStart). It would be nice if you could persist the PineAP settings in the new UI or at least AutoStart Karma ..


2016/01/03 11:53
This is already possible. Simply select the option from the dropdown in the panel's title.
2016/01/04 12:10
It seems to randomly save the settings. I had Save SSIDs to Pool and Broadcast enabled and saved the settings... Only broadcast was enabled on Reboot. Sometimes it seems to miss Allow associations
2016/01/04 13:22

We did find and correct a bug with "Save SSIDs to Pool" not working on autostart. I have not been able to reproduce allowing associations so far, but I will keep investigating.

The fix will ship with a new firmware upgrade this week.

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