[{"title":"Firmware 1.1.0 - Buffalo Bulldozer","date":"2016-08-18","content":"This week sees a major milestone for the project with the release of Buffalo Bulldozer - a rock solid firmware serving to synchronizing a stable base for both the NANO and TETRA. Update today and enjoy the latest enhancements to the PineAP engine, improved performance and new features in Recon mode and updates to the base. Learn more from the full release notes on the forums<\/a> and update over-the-air from the advanced page<\/a>."},{"title":"Project Update","date":"2016-03-02","content":"

The 6th Generation WiFi Pineapple platform and ecosystem are developing nicely. Here are some quick insights:<\/p>\r\n

New first-party module: DWall. Based on feedback from Renderman, DWall has been developed to display real-time HTTP URLs, Cookies, POST DATA, and images from browsing clients as a stream. It's in the style of \"Wall of Sheep\" and should be useful in demonstrating the security and privacy concerns associated with plain-text HTTP traffic.<\/p>\r\n

New Website! After a long needed refresh, WiFiPineapple.com<\/a> has received a complete makeover. From the new site you'll be able to find our blog, resources such as downloads and modules, an FAQ and of course links to our bug tracker, the forums and wiki.<\/p>\r\n

A draft of the official WiFi Pineapple User Manual is now available for review and comment<\/a>. This will eventually become available as a PDF download, but until then I invite you all to review and comment on the living Google Doc either on the forums or in the doc.<\/p>\r\n

Finally 1.1.0 is well under way and will launch soon including many bug fixes and package updates.<\/p>\r\n

We're now up to 26 modules available! These are some very exciting times! A huge thanks to everyone who is working on or has submitted a module - they're all looking great!<\/p>"},{"title":"1.0.4 Developments","date":"2016-01-20","content":"

There have been many developments since the dev launch of the 6th gen platform. Version 1.0.4 brings many feature updates, bug fixes and conveniences such as support for various USB WiFi adapters in Client Mode and a revised PineAP configuration. An over the air updates may be performed from the Advanced page.<\/p>

Find the full release notes on the forums<\/a>.<\/p>

Module Manager is now live and with it the first handful of modules. Support threads can be found from the modules sub-forum<\/a>. More are being completed while we work to finalize the API documentation.<\/p>

Be sure to check out the help section here for information on the community forums and the bug tracker, and these bulletins as major developments continue.<\/p>"},{"title":"Welcome to the WiFi Pineapple!","date":"2015-12-14","content":"

Welcome to the new WiFi Pineapple experience! Take a look around as a lot has changed! <\/p>

We're excited about all of the new WiFi Pineapple features including this web interface. The dashboard, for example, provides an at-a-glance overview of the system and is home to these bulletins. <\/p>

Through the bulletins you'll be kept apprised of the latest project developments, updates, bug fixes, modules and other WiFi pineapple news. Thanks for supporting the project, and stay tuned for even more exciting bulletins to come.<\/p>"}]