Nano's radios stop accepting client connections

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

Model: Nano
FCCID: 2AB87-Nano
Firmware: 1.1.3 (also happened on 1.1.2 before flashed to latest)

Problem: Management and Guest APs, as well as spoofed SSIDs, stop accepting client connections after a few minutes. Recon / passive scans will continue to log data, but client devices can no longer actually establish a connection to the device (no difference whether the SSID is password protected or open).

Workaround: Factory reset the device using the button on the bottom (not really acceptable). It will then work for a short time (usually until the next reboot, but often it will stop accepting connections after about 5-10 minutes, even before the next reboot).

-Any number of extra Modules can be installed, or not installed (all, some, or none); no difference in behavior.
-Any SSID name can be set (default or custom; long or short); no difference in behavior.
-The device can be in its case, inside a bag, or it can be on a test bench with a stream of shop air being blown on the CPU to cool it; no difference in behavior.
-PineAP daemon can be running or not running; no difference in behavior (at least, regarding the management AP).
-The default antennas can be used, or upgraded antennas can be installed; no difference in behavior.
-The device can be powered from a PC, from a battery, or from a very expensive and clean lab power supply; no difference in behavior.
-I can insert a separate USB WiFi adapter (either one supplied by Hak5 with the Nano, or purchased separately), or even never plug an extra adapter into it at all; no change in behavior.

I have not yet been able to:
-Confirm whether the issue is specific to either one of the wifi chips (either the AR9331 or AR9271, or both maybe)
-Test with firmware lower than 1.1.2
-Find any relevant device logs that give any indication about whats causing this, or crash dumps / reports.

This sounds identical to several other open (non accepted) bug reports, as well as a number of forum posts about the same thing. The community would certainly appreciate a resolution.


2017/08/15 16:06
To be clear- the SSIDs continue to be visible to client devices even while this problem is occurring, the Nano will just refuse all incoming connection attempts, regardless of whether the correct password is entered (or even if there is no password).
2017/11/03 05:23
I have the same problem with my NANO Tactical when connected to the flat pack battery, that came with the kit from Hack 5. Ended up being the USB U adapter that was included with the kit. I replaced it with a 6" male to female cable adapter. It appears that RF from the internal wifi radio's are radiating back into the adapter and hosing up the firmware. After this happens, I am no longer able to connect to management or guest until I do a factory reset. Then it works for awhile and hoses back up again. I have been using my Nano tactical for three days with no lockups after using the 6" adapter. The only problem now is, that I can't close the pouch with the longer cable. I just ordered another mini adapter that appears to have a ferrite bead between the male an female as well as the capability to swivel.

Hope maybe this helps.
2017/12/24 19:37
This issue should now be fixed in firmware version 2.0.0.

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