Unable to setup

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Open

I just got my pineapple nano and when I follow the setup tutorial exactly how it is shown, I am unable to connect to the device. I've tried this on both Windows and Android but neither will work, the browser in Windows just says the site can't be reached and the app on android will try and try forever to connect but never will.


2016/12/25 20:17
Yes, I am having a similar if not exact same problem. The android app tries to connect but it just keeps loading.
Also during setup, I was not given a chance to update the initial filmware, I pressed Get Started, was told to press the reset button once to continue without Wifi,
and then it asked me for SSID, Passphrase, and Password for the root login. After that it just went to the GUI...I could not update so my filmware is 1.0.0. Not sure if you are having this type of problem as well.

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