Broadcast SSID Pool, SD CARD, WiFi Client Mode, wifi scan doesn't work

Device: NANO
Type: Bug
Status: Closed

Broadcast SSID Pool; stop working after a few minutes

SD card reader; sometimes work, sometimes not (tested with 3 different cards and usign the format tool on the nano menu)

WiFi Client Mode: clients are not getting internet most of the time i have to reboot to make it work. (I use wlan2 and the RaLink RT5370 that comes with the nano)

Get stuck while scanning wifi networks.

The Nano is running with latest firmware (and ALL modules updated)

I already reset the nano 4 times, same problem all the time, please let me know how to solve this, is very frustrating,


2016/10/07 20:55
I tried with the battery that comes with the nano kit, plugged with my computer and with the wall outlet using the cable that comes with the nano.
2017/12/25 00:18
All of the above issues should be fixed in 2.0.0 :)

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